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My brother and his son play baseball and footba

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He’s taken time to remember the past, and to honour those who have affected both his life and the lives of those around him in the tight huddle of his East Vancouver community, the one that is home to Notre Dame Regional Secondary. Last Saturday, in his team’s 27-10 Subway Bowl quarterfinal win over arch-rival Vancouver College, Moretto sprinted

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Celebrate an impressive consolation prize

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About a half-hour after the Washington Nationals season came to its gut-wrenching end, Max Scherzer’s pitching eye and non-pitching eye blazed wide, united in a devastated daze. “It was a good pitch,” he said, reliving the pitch the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Joc Pederson hit out to tie the decisive Game 5, his last pitch of the 2016 season.

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Adjust the state on the track

Indlæg oprettet: kl. 08:48 d. 10/11/2016

There were introductory periods during the summer, some more during the bye week. It’s still not the same, but it has helped in the early going, especially for a defensive unit that has very little experience facing the offense. Even the mistakes, Bobo said, will be useful tools of learning. Four plays later, he connected with Jordan Norwood for a 36-yard touchdown pass, then repeated...

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who fell a spot to No. 9

Indlæg oprettet: kl. 07:27 d. 07/11/2016

With the NFL's regular season at about the halfway point, one team clearly stands out above the rest: the New England Patriots. For the second consecutive week, Tom Brady and Patriots are the unanimous No. 1 in the latest AP Pro32 poll , which was released cheap NFL jerseys Tuesday. The Pat...

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